Sarah Northrop.jpeg

Self taught in Acrylic Pouring creating one-off, unique paintings.


I discovered Acrylic Pouring in the summer of 2019 and decided to give it a try. I had never considered painting before but after a few tries I was hooked and haven't looked back since. I love the way the acrylic paints, when mixed with a pouring medium, flow together to form patterns and, sometimes surprising, composition. This type of painting is great fun.


My work is colour based and when the light catches the metallics in my pieces they really come to life, especially where gold is used (I love using gold!) I pour in many different styles to create vibrant abstract pieces and no two paintings are the same.  


More recently I have taught myself to hand paint using brushes, again with acrylics, and this journey has also been really enjoyable. My paintings come in many shapes and sizes, they create interest and add a cheery pop of colour! 

I don't sell my work on line yet, but if you are interested in any of my pieces, or would like a commission piece, just drop me a line by the contact an artist page